dimanche 20 janvier 2013

Good time with Winterhours

   Friday the 11th, we interviewed the talented alternative rock band, Winterhours. They were playing at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch... such a great pleasure to see them performing on stage! They really differentiate themself from the other bands thanks to their own style of music.. they have a violonist, which is quite unusual!

From left to right : Andy (Guitar/Vocals), Alex (Vocals/Guitar), Krys (Bass/Vocals), Jon (Drums/Percussion)

Here is our interview of this promising rock band :

How did you met each other?

Andy (Guitarist) : A few years ago, Alex and I met when I was playing in different bands and he was solo artist and he was supported the band I was in, and I asked him if he wanted to make some music together and he said 'sure'.. So he did and it was beautiful! We've recruted one of the guys from my old band, and then found John somewhere.

Why did you call the band Winterhours?

Alex (Singer/Guitarist) : There is an amazing beautiful story behind this ! (laughs) We tried out about 300 different names I think, then we tried Winterhours and we liked two words together. We thought it was suited with the music.
Krys (Bassist) : I guess it comed up in winter! (laughs)

Who compose the most in the band?

Alex : Andy writes most of the music. Me and Andy work together, like lyrically, like melodies and stuff like that.. Then we do as a band, all together.

Can you tell us more about your new single « Ocean heart »? What is it about?

Alex : It's a love story, it's fictional, a little bit of violin...
Jon (Drummer) : The director of the video has obviously hit a certain thing that means to him and that's why you see a couple in the video. But you can make whaterver you like.

How do you find inspiration to write your music?

Alex : Most of different ways.. We listen to a lot of different music.
Andy : For me it always comes at these convinient moments : if I try to sit down with a guitar and write something, nothing would come, but if I'm walking around, working or shopping, it would come in... and after, get my phone out and try to sing it to the voice recorder.
Alex : Or like the other day, it was mignight or something, I was half way home and these lyrics and sounds coming into my head.. I was writing and writing! You never really know, there is no real format to write a song, it comes out of nowhere sometimes.... And sometimes you can be creating a song for months an months, years and years.

You are playing as a band for 3 years and this is your first album. Are you planning to record another one?

Alex : We've just kind of release small EPs, singles, stuff like that. We are starting to find album ideas.. So hopefully in the near futur.
Andy : They should be another EP this year. We're going to release a few singles and hopefully put them on an EP with some others new stuff.. And an album later.

It's not commun to have a violin in a band. How comes?

Alex : We always wanted to have a big band. We came with this idea at the beginning of last year. A friend of us played violin for us on the recordings.. and we thought maybe we could find someone who can play in the band full-time, and we've come across Alex. He's also playing in his own band as well, he's multi-instrumental and available. We like him and he likes to play with us. Hopefully, we can carry on to do that.

Do you try to convince something special in your songs?

Alex : For me, we try to give something to think about.. and we all try to bring as much passion into the songs as we can. It's very dreamy, we trying to create that sort of scene, create thoughts in people's mind.

What is your best or worst memory as a band?

Alex : The best one is when we played a beach break student festival. We played on that main stage, it was incredible! ...Worst memory? I don't remind one.. before years! (laughs). We played a gig in Brighton once, it was one of the only gigs we've played in Brighton. So we got there and there was hardly anyone there, but we didn't really want to play anyway.. I think we got on the stage, played one song, then a second one.. and a break string on my guitar! Likely I had a spare... So we had to stop that song almost immediately, and then we start to play another song, and another break string on that as well! (laughs) I got so frustrated, I just said we have to end the set. We've played like one and a half song.. That was pretty s***!

Have you ever played in another country than England?

Alex : In Wales, we've done there several times. We would like to do an America tour, maybe a German tour, and in France.

When will be your next gig?

Alex : Our next gig is on 2nd of February at The Borderline.. It should be a good show!

Check their website and Facebook page... and download their songs on itunes.  

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