lundi 17 décembre 2012

A night with Boxset!

Hey! A week ago we've met a great pop rock band called Boxset! They invite us in their studio, we spend a really good time with them! We had a nice "private gig" and had the chance to listen them rehearsing!

Boxset interview with Walk on the B-side blog
From the left to the right: Monica (Organ, keyboards and vocal), Harple (Drums), Bruce (Singer & bass), Sanjay (Banjo & guitar), Nicola (Keybords & vocal).

Now discover more about this band and their project :

Walk on the B-side : How did you meet each other? :

Bruce: I met Nicola and Monica through a friend of mine, also musician, I met Sanjay on a course we did and Harple because it was destiny! (laughs)
Harple: It was always meant to be!
Bruce: (speaking to Monica and Nicola) We used to play in a folk band together.
Monica: I used to play violin with Nicola, we kind of change the style!
Nicola: We still do!
Monica: Yeah, just not in the band.

Why did you call the band Boxset? :

Bruce: Because we actually grapple for a name for about 3 months. We had a gig and we didn't have a name. A friend of us, can we call him a friend? Okay yes we can, just hope he doesn't see this. (laughs) So a friend of us who's in a band called Gram suggested it and we thought yeah good, we'll go with that!
Sanjay: That's the shitiest story ever! You could have made something up! (laughs)
Bruce: That's what happened!
Sanjay: We found Bruce in a box...
Harple: There were initially a set of him but a lot them got away!

How long have you been playing together? :

Harple: Six months?
Bruce: First gig was May, wasn't it? We've been playing together, us 3 (with Monica and Nicola), for about 2 years in a different band and then we kind of all teamed up, in February?
Harple: Really?
Bruce: We had a different drummer but we just didn't tell him.
Harple: Alright ! (laughs)

How would you qualify your style of music?

Bruce: It's pop music isn't it?
Harple: We hope so!
Sanjay: Is it?
Bruce: It's pop, it is just like pop songs.
Sanjay: No, lo-fi dance.
Monica: Indie pop!
Bruce: What did I say?
Harple: Ok, it's post dub step!
(everyone laughs)
Bruce: We like stuff like LCD soundsystem, DFA, that kind of dancy pop music.
Harple: Yeah, Orange Juice, Miles Davis, Talking heads...
Sanjay: I think we're answering a different question!

Do they influence you when you're composing?

Harple: They mainly influence Bruce, and Bruce tells us what to play so…
Bruce: I'm like Prince, Prince from Preston. (laughs)
Harple: I think we've all got different influences.
Bruce: (to Sanjay) You love a lot of shit, don't you?
Sanjay: Yes, I like absolutely twat music!

Could you tell us more about your next EP ?

Bruce: The first thing we are releasing will be coming up in February or something? February seems realistic. We're releasing a single called Stop what you're doing. The old version is on Soundcloud but we're doing it and we're going to put it at on a 12 inch vinyl, that would be nice!
Harple: Is it gonna be a B-side?
Bruce: There is gonna be a B-side! That will be called Walking stick.

So how many song there will be exactly on the next EP ?

Bruce: Well, we're just going to do a single to start, but we've got an EP sort of taking shape for after it.
Harple: I think we've got a tone of songs...
Bruce: Have we?
Harple: Well there's so many ideas running around but…
Sanjay: …we're not ready yet!
Harple: I don't think we'll never be ready.
Sanjay: I don't think anybody is ever ready! I think it's a sort of lie.
Harple: I'm pushing Bruce to make an album.
Bruce: But I think it's too early for an album. If we did, it would just kind of sink into obscurity. It wouldn't be coherent and wouldn't lead to anything. That's a lot of work to do an album. So we need to maybe build ourselves a platform before we do something that big or ambitious.

Do you have the stage fright before performing?

Monica: No.
Bruce: I do!
Harple: He's afraid of himself.
Bruce: I always get that kind of anxious hate thing. I don't know why because people don't really pay attention when you play in London. But I get nervous.
Harple: You do get nervous.
Bruce: (speaking to Harple) You have to talk me down.
Harple: I have to do this (doing a hug to Bruce while saying it's ok)

So it's your trick to feel better?

Bruce: I don't think it would be fun without having little bit of anxiety.
Harple: Yes it's true, it keeps you on your toast.
Sanjay: If it wasn't a bit scary it will be a bit boring. That's what makes excitement.

When will be your next gig?

Bruce: Hopefully, I plan to organise a couple of thing on the built up to our release but we have not got anything yet. We will probably do something as a warm up, like something bigger with a lot of our other friends bands. And we'll do a launch party for  our record in February hopefully.
Sanjay: Just watch our Facebook.

It was really nice to meet them and be part of their world for one night!
Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.

Check out one of their song they play during their rehearsing session :



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