dimanche 23 décembre 2012

Interview Young Aviators

In " Movember ", we went at Young Aviator's gig at KOKO in Camden.

Just 30 seconds after the curtain-raiser, the gig starts very energetic and it goes on until the 
end. What a great feeling to go with the flow in the music and enjoy every seconds... I didn't shake my butt this way since Birdy Hunt's gig !

We couldn't miss it... Here is the interview with Decky, the singer:

Walk on the B-side: Could you introduce each of you ? 

Decky: John Markey plays drums and backing vocals,  I am Decky Mc Kay, I am the lead singer and I play guitar, and Kyle Haughey plays bass and backing vocals. 

Young Aviators - Walk on the B-side
from the left to the right: John, Decky and Kyle

 How did you meet each other?

We met back in our hometown in Ireland. Me and John met in primary school, we met Kyle in secondary school. There's quite literally nothing to do where we come from but drink and play music, we had no choice. It's the cross we bare.

Why did you call the band Young Aviators ?

Just find the idea of guys like us flying planes really funny, it would be so dangerous. None of us can even drive.

How long have you been playing together ?

As much as it pains us to say it, we've been playing music together now for most of our adult lives. We started jamming together when we were spotty teenagers in a church basement, roughly around the age of 13. Not much has changed for us really, though we have much better skin now.

How would you qualify your style of music?

[Short Answer] Alternative Pop. [Pretentious Answer] A fierce attack on the senses, a delicate blend of cosmic harmonies, neatly sat on a wide slabs of rocknroll. Beefy, simply beefy.

 What are your influences?

Alcohol mainly.

Could you tell us more about your next new album? How many songs ? Do you 
try to transmit something special in it ?

The album with have roughly 9 songs on it. Mostly new ones. Mainly dealing with the theme of being young, broke and desolate in the 21st century. All the songs are inspired by a life on minimum wage and fears of the future for yourself and the wider world. Hopefully they don't come across too heavy going, they're meant to embrace the humour and poetry in being fucked.

What are you inspirations when you are composing ?

Anything and everything. Its all up for grabs.

Who compose the most in the band ?

I write the songs to begin with, the lyrics and the original structure and melodies. Then John and Kyle put their parts to them and the song begins to take shape.

What is your best or worst memory as a band ?

The London NME show in November 2012 was a definite highlight. In terms of bad memories, I have too many to choose from. Being in a band is 15%  pats on the back and 85%  slaps in the face. That's an exact figure worked out over hours of research, you can quote me on that.

Have you ever performed in another country than the UK?

Not yet. It’s one of my big ambitions, particularly a European tour. The U.K is nice an all, but where would you rather wake up Bradford or Berlin?  No offence to Bradford.

 When will your next gig be?

Our next gig is Boxing Night in Ireland; we have an annual tradition of putting a show on in our hometown on Boxing Night. It's usually very drunken and a bit crazy; things can get out of hand, guys losing teeth, women roaming the dancefloor covered in sick with no shoes, it's like the last days of Rome. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it is very drunken. And as any band will attest, hometown shows are usually the best.

Thanks to Decky Mc Kay and Young Aviators. 

You can find them on www.youngaviators.co.uktwitteryoutube and tumblr

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