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Interview with The Baron Von Marlon at Nambucca!

Last week we met The Baron Von Marlon at Nambucca in London before their gig. We really spent a good time with these really nice and talented guys who show us that music is also a great adventure that you can live and share with friends on stage! 

Interview with The Baron Von Marlon- Walk on the B-side
From the left to the right: Andrew, James, Shaun, Tom and Robert.

Sitting on benches with few drinks we get to know more about this cool band, through this interview:

Walk on the B-side: Could you introduce each one of you?

Shaun: Hi, I'm Shaun, I'm the singer and somewhat the guitarist of the Baron Von Marlon.
Tom: I'm Tom, I'm bass.
Andrew: Andrew, I play violin.
Robert: I'm Rob I play drums.
James: I'm James I play guitar.

How did you meet each other?

Shaun: Years ago, I met Tom since I was like 2 and then we all met at school through friends of friends really. So through school and primary school.

Why did you call the band the Baron Von Marlon?

Shaun: It's from the Streets do you know the Streets? It was an over joke and we thought it's sound cool, that's it, it's from a silly Street's lyrics.

How long have you been playing together?

Shaun: A year and a half? It's June last year is it?
James:  All the rest of the band has been playing for a year, I've been playing for like 6 months maybe.
Shaun: We were 4 peers... and then..
Robert: No we were 5 peers then a 4 then a 5 again, and then briefly a 4...
Shaun: Somewhere around a 4 or 5 so now we are 5 and we have been playing for about a year and a half.

 How would you qualify your style of music ?

Robert: We've got violin which probably makes it a little bit folk. I guess it's kind of rocky poppy alternative.
Shaun: Someone calls us folk core, how do we just go for pop folk?
James: Folk with electric guitars...
Andrew: Yeah and tight jeans and folk... (laughs)
James: We would do pretty well with the tight jeans. (laughs)
James to Shaun: Why don't you tell the story? What the story?
Shaun: I shrank my jeans twice in the wash they are now too small. I don't like skinny jeans these are normal jeans but they shrank now they are tight. Anyway! (laughs)

Could you tell us more about your album?

Shaun: The EP? It came out a while ago now, we recorded it at James', our guitarist's studio, in Leeds, just spent a week at the studio and got 5 songs that we are pretty happy with. We just released a video for one of them last week (end of November*) which is set in a local church and it's all like really gothic... It's a kind of bouncy, it's very depressing lyrics but with happy melodies.
Andrew: So now people will know that our music is depressing... (laughs)

Who compose the most in the band?

James: Shaun composes most of it..
Shaun: A part from the drum.. I suppose I write the songs and then everyone fills in the gaps and we just play out constantly about the same song over and over again.

Do you try to transmit something special in your music?

Shaun: I suppose so... I'm quite in to literature so I like to convey or have quite sort of points, lyrics to the point. I don't know...
James: What literature are you in to?
Shaun: Ernest Hemingway...
James: Ernest Hemingway, what's your favourite Ernest Hemingway?
Shaun: Fiesta but the American change the title by the Sun which also arises.Yeah Ernest Hemingway is a good author.

Gig The Baron Von Marlon at Nambucca- Walk on the B-side

Is it difficult to be 5 on stage?

James: It's pretty difficult... I have too much stuff...
Shaun: Yeah Jame has way too much equipment.
James: But you have 2 guitars, you're just going worst...
Shaun: We play stages like we can't even move, I fit like Andy's violin with my guitar... but the stage here (Nambucca*) is very nice, quite spacious.

What is your best or worst memory as a band? 

Shaun: Just gigs that seem pointless when like no one really interested in... yeah, that's probably the worst time... when you're just feeling empty of playing music for people who just doesn't care.
Thomas: Good is being in the studio and buy the 12-pack of doughnuts for a pound.. (laughs)
James: Yeah that's pretty amazing... the 12-pack of doughnuts wa good.
Shaun: Yeah when we were recorded our CD we just bought a lot of food... (laughs) a big pack of doughnuts for one pound.
James: That's the north of England (laughs)
Shaun: That's on the same level as actually creating music, we quite enjoy that..

Have you ever performed in an other country than the UK?

All of them: No we haven't
Robert: First the UK then progress into the rest of Europe..
James: And France... it could be fun...
Shaun to James: You've played in Paris?
James: Couple of times...
Shaun: James have played in lot of bands.

What are your favourite songs, if we have to recommend it to our readers, which song would you recommend?

James and Thomas: Probably Conrad's Daily Rose or Bedbugs.
Shaun: Our main popular song is... (laughs) the pop, the one which is like really cheesy is one called Bedbugs.
Robert: If you listen on Conrad's Daily Rose song there is also a video for that, then you get both songs.
Andrew: Yeah the video and the audio which is lovely.
Robert: And there is a link to our website.
Shaun: We've got a new song we are playing tonight or 2 new songs I don't know... at least one new song which we really want to see where that goes and hopefully recorded it soon... Really excited!

Would you like to play music for a living and become famous?

James: It's pretty much fun right now...
Andrew: I think we're not chasing fame or fortune right now, just play for fun...
James: But if it happens that's cool...

Thank you guys for the interview and for this great gig!

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  1. This name's story is kind of fun, even if there is no obvious link between their music and The Streets.

    Maybe you should add a link to their music video, great song